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  • Baked Salmon with Green Beans & Mushrooms

    One of my favorite things to cook for dinner is baked salmon with green beans & mushrooms.  For this dish I baked wild-caught salmon with some coconut oil, pink Himalayan crystal salt, fresh rosemary, and chopped pecans. I baked it in a clear, glass casserole dish in a 350 degree oven until the salmon flaked […]

  • My Sugar Addiction

    My sugar addiction started as a little kid. I would eat sugar by the spoonful, literally. I ate sugar-laden candy, cookies, cereal, cake, chocolate, ice cream, kool-aid, soda, pastries, etc. If it had sugar in it, I was eating it. Miraculously, I never had a childhood weight problem from it. In high school I remember […]

  • Why Do We Need to Drink More Water?

      We hear it all the time – drink more water. But why do we need to drink more water? I found answers while going through my Certified Personal Trainer course. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), sedentary men should consume on average 3.0 L (approx. 13 cups) and women 2.2 L […]